First off, don’t let the name fool you. Fruit Incest is squeaky clean and full of fun, cutesy moments and characters. The different comics and story arcs are all mostly unrelated, so you’ve got yourself a little universe of dozens of characters doing what they do best. I tend to vary things a lot between story arcs and more important comics, but overall, Fruit Incest will always have comedy and fun as its focus. Feel free to just jump in and enjoy yourself if you’re up for some light 1000+ page reading.

That’s a good question! I know a long running comic series isn’t the easiest to get into, so just what can you expect from Fruit Incest to make it worth the while? Well that’s not easy to answer, so instead I’ll give you a quick taste of what to expect from me with minimal context. I give you: TEN FRUIT INCEST PANELS. Not the top ten. Just…ten of them.

We’ve got the first comic, a good place to start most of the time.

We’ve got one of my absolute favourite panels.

We’ve got cute ladies and mascots.

We’ve got giant robots!

We’ve got friendly stories about happy people.

We’ve got snowmen hitting teenagers with penguins.

We’ve got serious tales of drama and action.

We’ve got burly half naked men.

We’ve got cheetah’s taking naps.

We’ve got literal fruit incest.

And that’s what reading Fruit Incest is like. We have just about everything, so expect to have fun, y’all!

Fruit Incest comes from very humble and simple beginnings. It’s something that just sort of got started on a whim with little experience gained beforehand. I’d like to say that the writing more than makes up for the artwork, but as an artist, I’m obligated to hate every mistake I made while self-teaching myself how to draw. It picks up though, so don’t worry about doing a little archive binging in there. It gets better. I swear!

Oh me? Formally I’m Miss Hedgey, as is my usual monicker online. Informally I go by Lainy. There’s not much to know about me. I didn’t go to art school or work on any special comics. I’m just a lady who likes hedgehogs and drawing comics. What more can I say?

The comics update with a new page every Sunday and Wednesday. Be sure to check them out regularly!

This question always appears in FAQs so I guess I may as well answer it here. I’m not all too professional when it comes to drawing comics. I just have a cheap tablet and usually draw comics on Paint Tool Sai. I never learned how to use Photoshop or the likes, so just about everything you see here was done by hand the old fashioned way. The older comics were all done with pencil and paper too. Like I said, humble and simple beginnings.

I don’t like talking about Mr. ______ behind his back, but if you have any other questions or comments you’d like to send me, you can always contact me through email ( If email’s too formal for you, I also hang out around the social networking neighborhoods of the Internet on Tumblr and Twitter. Feel free to say hi if you please, and remember to love your lolis folks.