The final boss appears, and she’s terrifying. I honestly planned out this arc with Berry Chic in mind and everyone else just being fun buildup. I couldn’t toss you in with her right away. She needed good henchmen, and I feel I made a nice team. Shame they’re all unconscious and unable to help her. I’m not sure how exactly she can fend off such a big guy.

I should also apologize now for that truck she’s on. This entire arc took place inside a warehouse, and as fun as it is to draw random sushi railings or cookie wheels, I guess I failed to find a way to make this place feel as Fridgelandy as possible, which isn’t easy when you’re drawing barren walls and boxes with only blue and white, but I feel this wonderful land deserves better. I can only use “foil and cookie concrete” building materials as an excuse for so long.

OCD count: 94