And here it is. Comic number 50. The first of what I hope is many landmarks. Also, it’s someone’s birthday today, so it’s just one big celebration today! I haven’t touched the lives of many people yet, but just think of how different things would be without Fruit Incest here to celebrate the sweeter things in life such as showing those punk kids what’s what.

  • Fruit Incest is a serious documentary of the passionate production of marmalade.
  • Yours truly Miss Hedgehog spends her time as a waitress for a maid cafe in Reno, which isn’t nearly as nice as it sounds.
  • Wally the Whale is a relatively unknown GameFAQs username that hasn’t been active since 2003.
  • Nerdy guys on WordPress spend their time commenting on a local blog about the everyday antics of a dog groomer.
  • “Relatively Fresh” is the catch phrase for an Australian soap company. They were made fun for their unfortunate implications before being forced to switch to the less catchy “Smell like a fruit.”
  • Egg salad sandwiches never got the appreciation they truly deserve. The sandwich gods wept for days.
  • The FIniverse still exists, but as a badly drawn webcomic about Forest Imps.