Sowwy 4 (or 5): This Time It’s Personal

Plot: Rushed to finish the next day’s comic while having to take care of that bratty niece and nephew, Miss Hedgey hatches a plan to kill two words with one stone. The plan was simple, pretend to draw with the kids with the intentions of making a cute comic out of the kids’ chicken scratch (Fruit Incest proudly presents: comics drawn by a 7 year old). Time was plentiful, but time wasn’t gonna play fair. After leaving the computer unsupervised for a mere two minutes, the computer was shut down, erasing all progress. Miss Hedgey now has to hastily draw a quick comic and scan it before her brother’s family abducts her spare room and separates her from the run down printer. Can she make it?

Yes she can! What you see here is a (very very) rough equivalent of what my comics look like when I first scan them, so be sure to appreciate the things I do to make them look pretty. Incidents like these make me realize how inefficient I am at making comics. I sure suck at this. You’d think I’d get the hang of this after over a year, but moments like this always end up scaring me like crazy, and you all know how they almost always have a name.

OCD count: 39