The bad thing about writing jokes months ahead of time is that sometimes someone will beat you to the punch. You can only keep a joke in your head for so long before someone else thinks an even better version. Speaking of Brawl in the Family though, this is the second time I’ve drawn a comic ahead of schedule to coincide with a BitF comic, and the inclusion of Captain Falcon technically makes this my second fan comic. This is not counting the many Nintendo comics I made linking to the comics. I think I’m officially a giggling squeeing fangirl now.

As for the comic, Samus was traumatized as a child, raised by birds, spends most of her time alone and never talks, and she has little to no human interaction outside of a military setting. By all means, she should be the most sociably awkward character in Nintendo history. She seems to get by just fine though somehow. I also take great pride in making each of those Chozo unique and distinct from each other, so you better appreciate it in brownie form.