In the world of Pokemon there exists technology that can transfer matter into pure energy. While this technology has yet been perfected into a cost efficient model for larger uses (the Master Ball is only a prototype) this technology still must have some effect on the world. In fourth gen, bulky cell phones and digital watches are all the rage, so it’s probably still common to see someone use a payphone, even the Elite Four.

Speaking of the Elite Four they sure are tricky to figure out. Was Lance the champion before Blue/Green and merely resumed the position later or did he get promoted between first and second gen? The sudden disappearance of Lorelei and Agatha as well as Koga being promoted from a mere gym leader only raises further questions. Also, regardless of whether Lance was champion or not, you still don’t find out who the fifth person Blue fought was. The Indigo League is a real mystery.

On an added note, I messed up Lance’s outfit. His clothes are blue with a black cape but I shaded in his clothes and left his cape blank. Also, I have him wearing his champion outfit, but we can assume he’s just dressed up for the special occasion. I know no one’s gonna care about how 100% accurate my representations are, especially for such small mistakes, but for me, Pokemon is some serious business.

OCD count: 45