I don’t care what official word from higher ups says, this girl’s name will always be Crystal to me and she’s been playable since Pokemon Crystal, back when she dyed her hair. I didn’t want to leave her out, so in my continuity Gold beats all the gym leaders and becomes champion while Crystal fought Team Rocket with Lance (in the games Silver takes off your disguise during the Radio Tower event, and something tells me he’s far more willing to strip a teenage girl than his arch rival).

Even more in-game stuff, during this part of the game Lance and Clair just sort of come and go off screen despite there being nothing but water in the direction they came from. I figured there must be some sort of transportation around the Den besides swimming with your Pokemon so I made up this little ferry boat system. Don’t worry about that Dragonair. They’re much larger and stronger than you’d expect from looking at them, and the ferry has a small propeller attached to it, so carrying people around is no problem for the ferry Dragonite. Clair tends to him personally despite him technically belonging to the entire clan.