In a universe where giant robots can fight in the streets, angels live in the sky, and realms made of food are popular enough to have 80s children shows based off them, it’s not easy for a character to seem out of place, but I really struggle to find one for Thorlog. There’s only so much I can have him do without getting him out of that small bubble of incompetent yet still threatening actions.

Thorlog isn’t as important to the FIniverse as he seems. He’s there to make you wonder why he hasn’t noticed that his T insignia looks like a pair of briefs, or how he hasn’t poked out his eye on those shoulder pads of his. The real tricky thing about him is that he’s among the “low tier” characters. The ones who only appear in one-shot gags rather than the large story arcs that connect to the real mythos of this universe, and it’s hard to give him things to interact with when his “tier” consists of nameless kids and people who seem to work in like fifty places at once.

Alas, thus is the fate of poor Thorlog the Conqueror and his apparently invisible minions.