If I have to explain this joke to you then you need to lurk the Internet some more.

You know, I always wondered if I’ll ever make it big enough to see cosplay of my characters, then I feel sorry for the people trying to figure out what the hell some of them are wearing. The Folklorist coat has a little flap covering most of his head and a bulletproof vest sewn onto the front. I get the feeling Transfarmers boxers might be easier to cosplay as in some circles. In other news, I officially finished my very first row on my list of comic ideas. It’s still nice seeing how far Fruit Incest has come. Imagine how things would’ve been without it.

  • Fruit Incest is a serious documentary about the doctors who work in selective plant breeding.
  • Yours truly Miss Hedgehog spends her time as owner of her own ice cream and yodeling memorabilia shop, which isn’t as glamourous as it sounds.
  • Wally the Whale is a relatively unknown street performer who got five minutes of fame on Youtube then fell back to obscurity.
  • Nerdy Welshmen on WordPress spend their time commenting on a local blog about the everyday antics of a frozen yoghurt shop employee.
  • “Relatively Fresh” is the catchphrase for a discount dietary delivery service. They were made fun of for their tempting fate before being forced to switch to the less catchy “Almost unbelievable weight loss.”
  • Cat beer never got the appreciation it truly deserved. The milk gods wept for days.
  • The FIniverse still exists, but as a badly drawn webcomics about Fishing Instincts.