You know, as nerds, we all know the several debates and discussions surrounding Star Wars. It’s in our blood. Our nerd blood. When it came to the prequel trilogies everyone took the blame. Palpatine was the villain. Anakin was the whiny kid who let himself get tricked. Padme was the girl who wasn’t making a sandwich. I’ve heard them all. I’m very disappointed though at the lack of people blaming the Jedi for their downfall, because in all honestly, the Jedi were a bunch of pricks. Just look at their history over the course of the trilogy.

“Alright, every Sith is dead, the entire universe is nothing but Light. Logically, that means the Force is balanced.”
“What do we need a chosen one for? We’ve got a perfect universe. The Sith are extinct anyways.”
“The Sith killed one of our own! We must prepare the chosen one for their rise into power!”
“This chosen one sure is getting a bit hard to control. We better be suspicious of everything he does and strip him of his rights and dignity to keep a close eye on him.”
“The Sith have corrupted our chosen one with that evil extremist philosophy. Only a Sith would be that evil. Death to all Sith. Only a Sith would deal with such absolutes.”
“Oooh, I’m dead.”

The defenders of the galaxy folks. And there’s my nerd rage of the day.