Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver recently came out now that Japan’s done hogging all the good stuff for themselves, and I’m definitely feasting on the nostalgia like everyone else. It also gives me an excuse to show Gold some love because people tend to focus on Red or even some of the later trainers. Speaking of Gold, I don’t care if Nintendo officially calls them Ethan and Lyra, to me they’re Gold and Crystal (not Kris) before she died her hair blue and wearing a hat.

Enough about that though. Let’s talk about the important thing, that the world of Pokemon is insane. Just how tall is that grass if it can successfully hide a Ponyta in it? Is there some super groundskeeper going around trimming trees and keeping said grass at perfect 90 degree angles? If Professor Oak is so kooky then why he is so world renown? Some things are just better left being made fun of.