Something I find interesting is that I never really knew what GI Joe was until I was around 10 years old. I’m sure I inevitably saw commercials and parodies along with all the other staples of the 80s and early 90s, but I never really remembered any of it until I was old enough to understand those “knowing is half the battle” jokes. Really, GI Joe would probably be the most boring of the group if it weren’t for My Little Pony (I think they just spun a roulette and tacked something onto a horse’s behind for every toy). I bring this up because I was so bored by GI Joe I actually forgot which comic I was drawing and accidentally made 9 panels instead of 12, and since I already measured everything and did the outlines to cover the whole page, you all miss out on what would’ve been three whole panels of war and killing noises.

On a related note, this comic made me realize why I rely on unsound effects so much. It’s hard figuring out how to spell the noise bombs and guns make. I’m almost glad I had to compress this thing into something 3/4 of its original size. Almost.

OCD count: 35