I don’t particularly like how this comic came out. It’s hard enough working with the disaster that is bulky men with mitten hands, but it’s also the triumphant return of my worst enemy, indoor scenes. At least with outdoor scenes I’ve gotten to the point I can put an ugly hill and something resembling a tree and some clouds in the background, but once you go indoors it’s hard for me to find something that doesn’t stand out too much, is hard to draw, or requires color of some sort. In the end I’m left with blank walls, or even nothing at all, and I kind of feel like I should be past this kind of thing by now.

At the very least I got to give you testosterone fans a good fix. It even resembles my pantieshop comics a little. Panties are sexy! Sex is manly! Manly men like to work out their buff bodies and drink beer and then rip the cans with their bare teeth and then go to the barbecue monster truck rally! Yeah!

Happy Birthday Dad!