You know there’s more than one setting in the FIniverse and their Halloween is important too. In Fridgeland Halloween is a candy holiday celebrating the birth of Taffy. It’s become much more mainstream since then, to the point that it’s not only celebrated by non-candies, but commercials for Halloween air as early August.

As for our good King Pineapple though, he celebrates by throwing the biggest costumed festival of the year, partying with servants and royalty alike. If you’re wondering why Apple and Orange are in their underwear, it’s fairly obvious they’re making the most of the one time a year they can enjoy the simpler things in life without their parents watching over them, like not having to dress up for everything or eating junk food and watching TV. Either that or they’re having sex. Hell if I know.

Pants pants pants, pants pants pants pantsipantsary pants pants pantsed! Pants pantser pants pants pants pants pants pantsepants pantsly.