Oh boy, plot twist! It was a complete stranger behind everything the whole time! It looks like we finally get to see what this Elf Council we’ve been hearing about is capable of. Things definitely would’ve gotten finished a lot sooner if this Vera woman was around from the beginning, but then we wouldn’t have had our wonderful Santa Sarah/Scott/Silas storylines that don’t go anywhere, but are still fun cause they’re the best Santas who almost got blown up by a penguin ever!

In other news, my first comic after my Christmas break and I finish it half an hour after its upload time! I’m so ashamed. I know it’s not much time, and it’s not like anyone was waiting around to read this, but I still feel so much shame in my feels.

OCD count: 68

Maybe some cookies will make me feel better.
(::)(::)(::)(::) (::)(::)(::)(::) (::)(::)(::)(::)