Hey look, it’s Sarah! Remember when this story arc was about her? Those were the days. Back when I could use my lack of experience as an excuse for my poorly written plotlines and scene transitions. If I were more talented I’d also make better looking backgrounds than a blank rooftop at night.

OCD count: 67

Speaking of bad planning, we’ve got an odd timeline going on here, mainly on account of me never updating this story more than once a year before now. One year after Simon and Silas met was Sarah’s first run as Santa. Then she disappeared for one whole year while plenty of silly Fruit Incest shenanigans occurred. Then on the second year Sarah returned, and in the year between then and our current story we saw some nice stuff happening with Scott and Crystal (and some not so nice stuff happen with everyone else).

Christmas timelines sure make things messy don’t they? But don’t worry, cause y’all get another cookie! (::)(::)