When writing these arcs I never put much thought into how the action scenes will come out, so I didn’t realize until I began drawing this that I’ve essentially sealed the fates of those nameless mooks. I mean, sure, nobody cares when a generic henchman dies, but half the main characters of this arc started out as henchman. It’s almost heart wrenching imagining the offscreen chaos that will ensue in this room. Sure, most of these characters are former mobsters and serial killers, and we can assume that they’re all using A-Team bullets and nobody will get hurt during all this driving around and shooting, but deep down, we’ll all know that things got dark for Pinstripe Suit Guy, or Jacket Ninja Dude, or any of the other unique grunts I’ll never draw again or even mention.

Let’s all give a well deserved salute to these brave warriors.