Oh snap, things just got real! These kinds of dramatic reveals almost always have a name, and it’s good to see where things are going here in the FIniverse. You never know what may happen next or how things would be if they were different.

  • Fruit Incest is a serious documentary about the rise and fall of Pixie Stix.
  • Yours truly Miss Hedgehog spends her time as an online critic for knock-off snack brands, and one who’s open to bribes.
  • Wally the Whale is a relatively unknown ABC sitcom that was used to fill up a bad time slot in between new seasons.
  • Nerdy cartoon characters on WordPress spend their time commenting on a local blog about the everyday antics of a Norwegian DJ.
  • “Relatively Fresh” is the catch phrase of a countrywide brewery. They were made fun of for their Beergasm commercials before being forced to switch to the less catchy “Get drunk with us.”
  • Socks never got the appreciation they truly deserve. The gods of comfort wept for days.
  • The FIniverse still exists, but as a badly drawn webcomic about Fire Inbreeders.