I was well into outlining this comic with my trusty Kern County Crime Lab ruler when I suddenly realized I didn’t know how the family from the Lassie show looked like. In fact, I didn’t even know what Lassie looked like. Rather than look them all up I figured it would be easier to just use a mother and son from the FIniverse and just pretend it was some other family that just happened to have a collie named Lassie and a son named Timmy. The original Timmy had a troubling enough life as it is (although no wells surprisingly).

Speaking of FIniverse characters, I’m wondering how many of you noticed the occasional reused character models in the past. In case any of you are blaming this on laziness, you’d be surprised to know that I actually did plan it all out and pay extra close attention to make sure no odd plotholes pop up, assuming they weren’t just lampshaded in the alt text of course.