I surrender in this war with my scanner. It keeps switching between working and not working on a daily basis now. It’s annoying enough but now it’s really beginning to put me in a bad mood when writing these things, and I hate when I have plans for things to write then forget them cause I’m too busy being angry at that scanner.

OCD count: 37

As for the story, it’s almost over. I don’t really have any plans for Dahlia and Sergey after this, so I really hope I got them right this time around. My goal was to make them likable, but not too likable, especially Dahlia. It was hard trying to make her sympathetic while still making it fun to not like her. I believe everyone has a friend like that, one they don’t necessarily want but they’re there anyways cause they’re your friend and you love them, but you still hate their guts. That’s true friendship.