You know, Fruit Incest isn’t exactly a video game webcomic, and yet I’ve done two in a row. As explained with the Olimar comic, this wasn’t intentional. Doing them both in succession made me realize something though. I may have an encyclopedic knowledge for certain games and TV shows, but I most certainly do not have a photographic memory.

Often times, the end result of a comic seems more barren than what I had in mind, limited to my drawing skills and laziness. I cannot completely recall the exact appearance of Mario and Luigi’s house, or Toad Town square, or the bartender from Paper Mario 2, so they sadly get left out for something simpler (although Panel 2 makes me think of a few retro stages from Super Mario Galaxy with the 2D backgrounds). It’s minor things like this that always serve to remind me just how imperfect people can get, and I’m left with minor nuisances that become big “What ifs” and nag me for several weeks later.

OCD count: 3