Artsy time! I wrote this “poem” way back in early high school and I’ve kept it with me ever since. The reason I’m uploading it to Fruit Incest is simple. I got myself a new bag! Now for me, a bag is a big deal. I hate purses. I hate tiny backpacks. I hate just about anything that isn’t just right cause…well, OCD at it’s finest. For years I’ve had to settle for walking around with a tiny, dirty luggage bag because all I could ever find are lame leather purses or laptop bags and other useless things that don’t fit my ridiculously specific high standards.

What does this have to do with my poem? Well, my poem had smudges, spelling errors, sloppy handwriting (have I improved? I can’t tell) and was written on a piece of index card that’s been in school bags, overstuffed binders, and a tiny, dirty luggage bag, and ever since I started doing these comics I realized how dirty paper can be. So I refuse to put anything in my nice new bag unless it’s been properly cleaned and sterilized (currently I’m having trouble transferring what little money I have…), so it’s bye bye piece of paper from a school I never even liked and hello fancy digital comic and awesome new bag which is worth way more than anything I could ever afford. I love my fancy new bag. Enjoy my cleaning leftovers everyone.