And there we have it, the glorious pie shooting robot. My life is now complete. There’s also a big 100th comic or something, but no one cares about that. In all seriousness though, it’s amazing how quickly I got this far. It still feels like just a few weeks ago that I started doodling to show off my crazy humour to random friends in preparation for a site that took way too long to set up. It’s amazing how far the little comic’s gone and yet how little it still feels. We’re a long way from global domination everyone, so get in gear and bring me to the top! Can you even imagine what it would be like without Fruit Incest here to brighten up your day?

  • Fruit Incest is a serious documentary of the many turmoils experienced by citrus field workers.
  • Yours truly Miss Hedgehog spends her time as a district manager for a local circus.
  • Wally the Whale is a relatively unknown Troper that only made one minor typo correction and never came back.
  • Nerdy girls on WordPress spend their time commenting on a local blog about the everyday antics of an action seamstress.
  • “Relatively Fresh” is the catch phrase for a low self esteem grocery outlet. They were made fun for their self deprecation before being forced to switch to the less catchy “We don’t mind the taste.”
  • Cream pies never got the appreciation they truly deserve. The dessert gods wept for days.
  • The FIniverse still exists, but as a badly drawn webcomic about Fighting Iguanodons.