Note, this comic was glitched up and had to be reuploaded from scratch. Sorry about that. The OCD counter will go up by two in this one. Especially since it didn’t fix anything and I still lost my comments anyways. Sorry to my loyal commenters that had their words destroyed. All two of you.

I’ve had this comic in the list for a long time now, but I never felt too excited about it. Old fashioned cartoon jokes are surprisingly challenging to write. Maybe it’s because there’s so much win in the genre’s history and I can’t bring myself to settle for mediocre jokes. The fact that I’ve played Epic Mickey and watched old cartoons from the 30s made me appreciate these jokes even more. Here’s to quality art.

Also, I do my best to keep all comic titles at only one word. Three words gives me shivers, even if one of them is just a conjunction (and you can thank classic cartoons for me remembering that word).

OCD count: 31*