I hope this punchline wasn’t too obvious this time. Over time you start to see so many random jokes you start to expect the opposite of what you’re supposed to. Still, I couldn’t resist drawing the evil baby because it’s one of my oldest creations, making appearances in old Jr. High School projects and even some of my earlier comics drawn by my Loli self. He’s evolved ever so slightly with each incarnation, ranging from a giant crowned baby with a globe in his hands to a mutated toddler with spider legs in his back. I felt it was about time I brought him back in his original vintage form though, a regular, immobilized baby who just happened to be evil. In a way, that’s much more sinister.

I also like how this is the third time the faceless Janitor Cop has appeared when we just saw him at a Workaholics meeting in the last comic. Maybe he really should take a vacation.