The worlds of Nintendo, especially the Mario and Pokemon games, are the few existing worlds I’m as comfortable doodling with as my own FIniverse. If I ever had to stop my original comics for some reason, I’d gladly focus on a Nintendo based series. Or at least I would if the competition weren’t so damn awesome.

You know, it’s practically canon that Bowser kidnaps Peach mostly for sport nowadays, and she’d have to be dumb as rocks to consider him a threat by this point, so I like to think they have an interesting relationship when Mario’s not around. Bowser’s not the type to let Peach starve just because Mario’s quest takes longer than a single lunch period, and Peach isn’t the type to just sit around doing nothing if she were left to herself. Then there’s the theory that Bowser Jr. at least is her son, but the idea of a Mario canon actually existing is intimidating enough as it is, so I’m not going down that slippery slope.