Ah, Purty, the face of my Internet for my entire childhood. Now this story is highly inaccurate though, mainly because Purty was actually two computers that both used the same monitor. In fact, the second computer is still in my house, but the Purty monitor was thrown out by my parents a long time ago. I even planned to paint that face on her and keep her with me forever, but my childhood was cut short.

Despite the unfortunate tossing out with the trash while I was at school unable to protect her, Purty still provided over ten years of service, which really puts things into perspective. My computer troubles last week have come to a close, but Virile the crappy laptop couldn’t even scratch Purty’s record with barely a year and a half of not exploding. Hopefully their little brother Tenacious will last longer. Wish us luck loyal fans. Brownies for all!