I feel the need to make a quick non-FIniverse comic every once in a while. Unfortunately I’m not as big a nerd as I should be and there aren’t many other things I keep up with other than video games and 90s memorabilia. Still, I guess it’s nice knowing I have something I could fall back on, and sooner or later I’ll run out of video games and have to do an overnight nerd cram session to come up with new jokes. Until then, enjoy the little interludes to the ongoing adventures of several people and weird things that are mostly unrelated but still fun together.

Also, Sonic looks weird in Fruit form. The typical Sonic character desing does not work well with other art styles as times and mine is no exception. No matter how hard I try I can’t make a Fruitified Sonic the Hedgehog without sacrificing either mine or Sonic’s trademarks. A sad tragedy.

OCD count: 14