If I had my way everything in this comic would have been told through the course of 50 or so panels. This fight in general was the hardest to trim since and I’ve already struggled to fill two whole pages with content. Hopefully it still works the way I left it in the end and might even be better without my director hat making me want to take ages on one shot. Probably the biggest shame is the diminished screen time of my two favorite FIth gen Pokemon, Gallador and Tohmcat. Well I hope I give enough fill for these two and the rest of the team for now. I’d like to point out that both these Pokemon are single-stage evolution Pokemon, which seems like an odd choice for a Rival team. I know it makes no difference in terms of how the comic plays out but it still feels like I broke a tradition I shouldn’t have. Since there’s nothing I can do about it, it’s just another crazy banana for me.

OCD count: 19