I should mention now that part four of this story kind of threw off the time frame. Originally this was all supposed to take place over a single day, but I didn’t want to show the ghosts just instantly knowing how to Internet after the new computer is introduced, so I added in a sight gag with time passing all the way till the next morning. The only problem is that now there’s an implied delay of several hours between Jebediah announcing their trip to the kitchen and the two actually calling Doctor Burgh successfully in the afternoon, made worse with the fact that he should be in an earlier time zone than they are.

Of course, there’s many simple explanations for this. I could’ve had the sign say the meetings are in the morning, and the gag which threw things out of order in the first place makes it so it’s not out of the question our ghost friends might take a while learning how to telephone. It’s a minor issue, but one I will take a good while explaining cause the sight gag in question showing time passing has been bugging me ever since I drew it and I’m only now realizing why. If anything should carry the OCD counter past 100, it’s fitting it be something that’s bothered me uncontrollably all week.

OCD count: 101