Come one and all as Aunty Lainy tells the story of why she picked this comic for today!

The Halloween special was fun, but it made me realize two things. It’s been a year since Fruit Incest began, and after spending the whole month to see what I accomplished, it’s time to see what I haven’t. I figured I’d try making comics on the computer again and hope I get better, and honestly, I can see improvement, even if I still don’t like how they look compared to my sloppy doodle comics. It also allows me to draw one of several comics I should’ve drawn ages ago but I was too lazy to draw them by hand, namely the “crowd” scene in this one where I draw a bunch of lame one-shot characters instead of my usual cast of FIniverse people (if you think it looks lazy now imagine if I had to hand draw the whole thing).

Speaking of FIniverse people, that’s another reason I chose this comic specifically. After using iconic characters in the Anniversary special and looking over all the comics I made in the last year, I noticed there were several people I missed. Not in the special, but in the comic in general. A lot of characters like the happy Swedish fellow here kind of got second fiddle when it came to me picking which comic to draw, and more often than not I ended up going with the four panel Wally comic over the giant ones that take more effort. Well I’ll try to give everyone the love they deserve this year, because everyone needs some love and cream pies!