So I’ve been having a busy week, and I have other things planned that I’ll hopefully get to go into detail soon enough, but for now, I got a new laptop, and as you can see, I’ve run into a bit of an issue. I’m secretly hoping I just need to adjust the screen to fix it, but evidence is making me think my old monitor was a bit off-colour and I’ve been using the wrong colours this whole time without realizing it. I tried my best to replicate it on this monitor, but it still seems a bit off from what I initially intended, but this page still looks closer to what I thought I was churning out compared to other comics.

So I would really appreciate some feedback on how this page and the next few compare to previous comics. Are they better? Worse? Too much blue? Too much grey? I never looked into this before, so I’d like some specifics from whoever I can get it from. I’ll be fiddling around, possibly taking this opportunity to simply try new things anyway, but for now I’d like to apologize if any issues with quality have been eluding my attention up until now and I’ll keep y’all updated.

Also, yes, my magnificent artist’s studio is just two beds next to each other and a dinky laptop. With professionalism such as this, it’s a wonder I ever encountered problems in the first place. The kind that almost always have a name.