The original ending I had planned for this was Shady ending up alone as after the still nameless pirate bandanna guy leaves her, with our socially awkward thief being surprisingly content. In a way, I kind of imply that’s what happens anyways, which makes this a bit more bittersweet than it should have, but I stuck with this ending when I realized Valentine’s Day was coming soon (hehehe, coming). Instead of having a sad woobie ending with implied sweet stuff, I implied a darker ending while you all see the sweet parts, and like I said before, it’s kind of fitting to have these characters just sort of go through a typical undramatic life.

It all seems like an odd and unnecessary change since I could’ve just had the same overall ending with the comic and rant down here put together, but like Christmas, I feel like I should always do something special for Valentine’s Day. It’s a special day, even if some people don’t like it sometimes, or if a certain someone I wish would stop by and say hi on Valentine’s Day wont do so. Where would we be without a Valentine’s comic after all.

Also, I feel like my multi-parters never really have proper endings. Maybe if I could put the “END” at the end, but apparently that’s only reserved for story arcs longer than six parts now after the last one.

OCD count: 53