Okay, a couple things to say first. While looking back at part one of this story, I noticed that I apparently made Dottie’s hair grow to almost twice its original size. Also, this page gave me a lot of trouble when resizing it for no particular reason, to the point that I had to redraw the panels at the last second so they’re no longer pixel perfect.

Finally, this ending did not come out as well as I had hoped. It seemed alright while drawing it, but once I read the finished piece it felt a bit rushed and janky. I probably should have made this two pages (or horror of all horrors make a page longer than 12 panels!), but I couldn’t find a good spot to split it up naturally. At least it fits my vague and bittersweet endings that I can’t seem to stop using, although I probably could have given things a much better ending than this. At least the story arc as a whole came out rather nicely, right? Right?

On top of everything, this comic is a few minutes late, which would normally be a bad thing, but the first part was also a few minutes late, so it’s fitting that the finale ended up delaying me as well. Still, I got a lot of problems in the end, so we’re getting TWO additions to the OCD counter. Now it’s starting to look more like a Fruit Incest comic!

OCD count: 64