The connection between Fridgeland and TVland isn’t as mysterious as you’d think. There’s even parts of Fridgeland with a large enough TVlandian immigrant population that humans are just another one of several local species. Obviously Toffeetown isn’t as industrialized and up to date on foreign affairs though. Remember, Fridgeland has no Internet or any reliable way to exchange information.

Over in TVland, most schools treat Fridgeland like another continent. While most kids like Dottie have heard of Fridgeland and usually know it’s a different world and is very different, they’re not likely to know much else. This story is less Narniaesque and more like you waking up in a foreign country with no identification. If anything though, this just makes our Toffeetown adventure more terrifying for the young lass since she doesn’t get to throw out as much real world logic out the window as you’d expect.