I never had an actual Buzz Lightyear toy. I was too busy playing with Clifford, crowned prince of Monoland, step-brother of Prince Leo, and sacred warrior of Fire, along with his friends, such as his girlfriend, Princess Emily of Wingaria, and royal advisor Pounce, lover of Princess Scat. All this sounds much more interesting when you take out the fact their adventures were played out by a six year old. Despite all this nostalgia, I can’t hide my excitement over Toy Story 3 though. I’m not much of a moviegoer. At the time of writing this the last three movies I actually saw in a cinema were The Dark Knight, The Simpsons Movie, and The Chronicles of Narnia. I think Toy Story is good enough to break my fasting for now, assuming I don’t get too lazy again. Until then, I have silly doodles and awesome micromixes to keep me i anticipation.