And so, our giant robot adventure ends with yet another anticlimactic conclusion that hardly answers any questions, the way it should be. I definitely had fun finally getting to use the Transfarmers characters for a proper story arc, although I definitely got a bit lazy near the end, mainly because the Dairybots look so goofy and poorly designed compared to the Wheaticon stars of this comic. It’s hard for me to make robots actually look cool.

As for the future of the Dairybot/Wheaticon war, well I’m bound to continue things again eventually, but I’m a bit hesitant to rush back to this type of setting. I’ve gotten used to bigger comics and iffy looking robots, but I feel the potential for these stories is lost on someone like me seeing as I never watched any Transformers cartoons. I’ve never even seen a Transformers toy in person, or watched the Michael Bay films. I’m highly unqualified for making Transformers references and parodies, so it’s best I don’t get too ambitious with these things.

Anyways, hope y’all enjoyed some epic Dairybots as they rage their fighting to defeat the rival forces of the Wheaticons. I hope many of you hummed the Transformers jingle constantly while reading this, cause every five or so minutes while drawing it I’d randomly surprise someone with my “dan DA-DAN” moments.