Well apparently I haven’t had any news since December, and that was mostly just me wishing people a Happy New Year. Things haven’t been getting done at the pace I hoped for, but we recently finished a big story arc. The comics are coming out relatively smoothly, and to celebrate our improvements, I even updated the somewhat outdated About page for the first time in a while. Hopefully the place is finally gonna be appealing to potential new readers, so long as I can actually get any here.

I’m working hard, but not hard enough. Fruit Incest has a ways to go, and I’m hoping we can all get some attention and introduce my stuffs to anyone looking for a cute comic to read, cause I’m proud of what we’ve been getting done so far and hope to keep improving. As always, I appreciate all the support and word spreading I can get from any of you with friends who like comics and hope we can only get more from here on out. I haven’t been too active this year, but I’ll work on getting you all kinds of cool stuff to enjoy.

In the meantime, continue to have fun, tell your friends, and remember to love your lolis like always folks.