I don’t have much use for this little news corner, but for those checking it out, yes, I’m still doing these annual Pokemon specials. I’ve long since developed a little shame for my original Pokemon designs, and I’d probably prefer to stick with Pokemon canon, but my first Pokemon special was one of the first major story arcs I drew, and I still have a special place for our original kid trainers here in the not-so-FIniverse.

If anyone’s not so accustomed to Fruit Incest history here or just checking out old Cocktail posts, this year’s special is definitely a nice start and a good sign of what’s to come in later years, cause I’ll always have room for Pokemon, no matter how much it varies from the usual FIniverse content here.

Let’s hope for many more years and Pokemon, cause few things deserve as much love as Pokemon does, aside from lolis of course. Always love your lolis.