The FIniverse seems to mostly revolve around the same 20-40 people around this one town that most of you probably don’t even know the name of, but there’s still billions of less important people in this very city I just don’t bother to draw. You have to wonder what these nobodies talk about when discussing the various oddities happening around them that they never seem to be around to witness. They’re bound to get a few details wrong.

“Hey, have you heard about that cute little whale thing flying around town? I think it’s called Willy? Willa? Something like that.”

“Ow, some guy in a cape punched me out of nowhere and then ran off!”
“Oh my god, you met the Mod Monster! I just heard about him on the news!”

“Sir, some guy in a bunny suit just sabotaged our transfer of stolen weapons.”
“I don’t know who this Folklore Man guy is, but I want him and bunny ears dead!”