I tend to have two kinds of B comics: the kind where I have an extra joke I could not fit in the comic itself, and the one where I have an alternate joke or ending. When it comes to the latter, I always find it cool how I’m essentially making two sets of continuity, and you know how these alternate universes almost always have a name.

In the A timeline, our depressed little kid here awkwardly walks away and heads home, but the embarrassment managed to distract him from his problems enough for him to spend the weekend playing some video games, which did an okay enough job cheering him up.

In the B timeline, the two went to get some ice cream downtown. Wally was not surprised to find the ice cream shop had burned down. Nobody was hurt, but the fire conspicuously destroyed all ice cream in the area. It’s the thought that counts though, and the two had fun on their walk to the shop.

I’m not sure which timeline I prefer, but I think one of them leads to the world being flooded a hundred years later while the other one leads to Ganon being imprisoned and then resurrected by Dark Link.