For those who are curious, here’s what I had planned for after New Year’s before my Garbage Day breakdown. Still no luck on finding that missing list or remembering any new comics I wrote down before losing it. Guess it’s really lost now. But at least I finally got to add this little heartwarming comic. At least it’s heartwarming for me.

And with that said, I really, really need feedback on how the comics are looking lately cause it has been weeks since my scanner worked the way it used to and I seriously need to know if anyone even notices, let alone minds how different the comics are coming out. I’m considering going back and redoing the last few comics once I fix up my scanner problem, but if people think it looks good anyways then I probably wont. It sure makes it annoying when I fill things in with black though. Maybe I’ll just fill those in digitally from now on. But seriously, some feedback on the next few comics would be nice. Or in general for those reading this in July on an archive binge.