First thing’s first, I pseudo-solved my scanner problem, so from now on I’ll have to say something actually relevant. Bummer.

In this case though I’ve got stuff to say, so no brownie filler today (except this sentence). After looking over my remaining comics I noticed that not only have I skipped over a lot of early comics I planned out ages ago, I skipped out on entire characters and stories. Everyone loves their Wally and their recurring human characters trick-or-treating, but for every Folklorist and fruit monarch that gets several repeat appearances, I’ve got a Thorlog waiting on my list for months just to make their debut. So for the rest of January I’m going to try and use as many original characters as possible to give some much needed praise for the bench warmers like The Moderator, and Sentar, and Golbjr the Omnipotent. And I’m most definitely not just using the most interesting sounding names to get everyone hyped up for nothing. I’m also not going to add to the OCD count for being too lazy to link to TV Tropes.

OCD count: 29