Ah, Wally, where would we be without your bland, uninteresting and unoriginal design? Probably in a place full of horrors we dare not speak of. I believe they’re called anime conventions. Luckily our special mascot is here to lighten our day and give us a nice end to my first batch of comics. Yes, I’ve reached the point where I can no longer fit my hand drawn comic originals in a single folder anymore. It feels like this is the end of an era. All the older comics, landmarks, ridiculously bad errors I fixed digitally, they’re all done with and put away in a place I’ll actually have to dig them out of next time I need a reference instead of peeking into the binder I’m writing on. Hopefully Series 2 will be just as good, but odds are all those Fruit Incest cosplayers will complain about the comics not being as good as the first season like always.

Also, it bugs me how my folder had one side stuffed to the max while the other side reserved for full pages of paper still had room. The only way I could keep adding though was to deorganize everything. Anyone who’d do that has no cleaning soul.

OCD count: 17