In case you haven’t read the news, I’m doing a little Pokemon project. It’ll be a while, so get used to seeing these faces for the rest of the story arc.

…or not. To be honest, I’ve had a lot of difficulty compressing this whole set of comics to the point where it wouldn’t take months to reach the last update. I’ve had to cut out a lot of nice little things that would’ve worked well if this comic were it’s own fan series, but as a lone story arc it was pushing it. You want fully fledged out attempts at stories and lampshade storms then you can go read one of the millions of webcomics dedicated solely to Pokemon. For now though, enjoy the few moments I was able to keep. If you’re interested in what you’re missing, allow me to describe the boring scenes that didn’t make the cut.

  • Pokemon Trainer was initially given a big fanboy scene in the style of the actual Pokemon anime’s first episode. It was compressed into a single shot of the most adorable alarm clock reference ever.
  • Rival Trainer didn’t have much time to show off his character here and that wont change much anytime soon. Yet another full comic was compressed into three panels.
  • Professor Maple gets the same skimmed over treatment, which saddens me the most since I went through the trouble of giving her a personality and quirks. If you get weird pedophile vibes from her know that it was all intentional and less creepy in my original plans where she just has cuteness proximity problems.
  • There was going to be an actual battle with both Female and Rival Trainers, but those were taken out since they were just included for traditions sake and robs me of opportunities for actual jokes, like the one I replaced them both with.

And there you go, two weeks of waiting compressed into a single update. Aren’t you glad I’m an expert at Tetris? See you next time on Route02 of the Fruit Incest region.