I wasn’t kidding when I said I could do an entire series based on the Pokemon world, and what better way to celebrate my ability to create original stories based off the series than copying a scene from the game almost exactly? Some of you may be surprised how little I had to change with this scene, which is an actual in game dialogue exchanged between gym leaders. Clair’s final line is almost word for word what she says to you if she randomly calls you. A majority of this Clair storyline is practically canon.

But don’t worry, cause Clair’s patheticness is balanced out here more than anyone else. Erika seems to genuinely be suggesting a cape theme, and Jasmine seemed honestly embarrassed to have accidentally insulted Clair, so not everyone hates our little woobie. Then again, Jasmine is easily the most aloof trainer, appearing inside her gym far less than any other gym leader and often adding Ums and pauses to her dialogue. Then there’s Erika…

Fun facts concerning Erika:

  • Erika is very traditional and always wears kimonos, even in casual settings, so her taste in modern fashion isn’t exactly the most reliable.
  • Erika learned of Jasmine’s outfit troubles from Whitney, and in the anime she only allows female trainers into her gym, so she seems to be very sociable with all female gym leaders, which inevitably includes Clair.
  • Erika lives in the largest tourist city of Kanto, so she tends to invite everyone to hang out shopping sooner or later.
  • Erika spends a lot of time taking naps in her garden according to FRLG, so she’s apparently very casual.

All this adds up to the fact that the only people nice to Clair in the games are the two gym leaders who are nice to everybody. On the plus side though, Lance apparently gets weird looks from the employees of the Celadon Department Store for buying multiple of the same capes, so at least a few people hate capes in general and not just Clair.