As much as I love Pokemon, I actually suck at the games, so I had to watch this scene in the game several times. At first it seems like Clair’s just taken back by Silver’s comment about her cape (which he must really hate if he’s willing to turn to his arch-nemesis for help instead), but I eventually noticed Silver’s sprite actually moves forward slightly before she moves back, meaning he actually pushes her, with enough force to send her flying across the platform, and no one seems to care or even ask if she’s okay. Jerks.

Speaking of Lance being a jerk, keep in mind that in the games the player has League Champion for TWO regions on their resume by this point, as well as being the person who saved Kanto from its national blackout crisis. Despite being stronger than both of the remaining two fighters he still jumps at you and forces the poor kids to take on the two strongest trainers in Johto. Good thing Silver’s got some Foe Yay juice in him.