It’s busy busy time!

I hope y’all like your Pokemon, cause this year I’m using actual Pokemon stuff I didn’t make up. It may be well past the Black/White craze, but I’ve had this HGSS inspired idea in mind since before the original Pokemon special. Clair is without a doubt my favourite gym leader after playing that game, and it’s all thanks to sidequests! They really should put more emphasis on those in future Pokemon games because as you may have guessed, FIniverse Clair is a bit of a woobie. This is all based off canon stuff in the games though.

  • Clair’s rematch team is practically the same as Lance’s team from when you first fight him, meaning Clair’s idea of being stronger is to be more like Lance.
  • In the remakes, Clair is made fun of for her outfit on at least three separate occasions and it’s implied this is a regular thing. She mostly gets made fun of for wearing a cape, but Lance’s cape never lands him any jokes.
  • Clair is in charge of her Dragon Clan despite being weaker than Lance and having never passed her clan’s rite of passage thingy, making it not very difficult to believe she wasn’t everyone’s first choice.
  • And this is only the beginning. We’ll see more of woobie Clair soon enough, after I’m finished hugging her. And you know how these things almost always have a name.