Fun fact: Clair’s outfit is actually a slightly modified version of the outfit Lance wore in FRLG, before he became champion. Not only does this add to the joke that people keep making fun of her clothes in the game but always praise Lance, but it also goes well with my woobie version of Clair. I get the feeling she’d wear a more accurate replica of Lance’s outfit before switching the the more casual version she wears now due to the turmoils of being a gym leader. Unlike the Elite Four, gym leaders have to accept all challenges, even the top percentage Rattata characters, so I think after a while Clair would prefer to wear a less bulky, more skin revealing version of her outfits to ease the long days of sitting in a boiling hot room (in the remakes it’s filled with hot lava even!)

Also, I just noticed there’s a giant line of erasure in this comic! My tablet sometimes messes up like that, but the fact that I didn’t catch it this time despite me double checking everything makes me suspect that it happened while I was moving the mouse cursor to the save icon. I’d fix it, but I spent hours on this thing already and I don’t wanna start over.

OCD count: 44