Well everyone, we’ve truly hit it. Fruit Incest turns seven this month, and we’ve got another anniversary comic to celebrate. It’s been a while, but I’ve finally got some plot popping up amongst all the silly goofiness. It’s been a ride, and unfortunately, here’s where it gets a little bumpy.

As of today’s comic, Fruit Incest will be updating every Sunday and Wednesday. That’s right. Only two pages a week instead of three. It pains me to switch this, and obviously I want to put out as much content as I can, but I’ve sadly reached my breaking point. I do have a job, which recently involved a small promotion and change to my schedule a few months back, and this has made it difficult to keep up with the comic’s schedule on top of everything else. The buffer’s all ran out, currently, and my work schedule is erratic and unpredictable. The best option is to give myself three days to finish a page instead of two, which will thankfully make those full sized pages more manageable, but I understand this is one less page than before each week, so I’ll work hard to make the pages y’all do get extra special.

In terms of other updates, I’ve got a few things that have simply fallen apart as I tried to keep the comic going up until now. The Concentrate page has gone stagnant, and my Tumblr has become rather barren with little extra art. I also haven’t been able to do much to try a advertise the comic in a while, which is where you guys come in. The best way to get a comic out there is with word of mouth, and every read helps make this even more worthwhile, so while I do my best to get everything back up and running, I’d like to ask everyone to please understand and be patient, and maybe see how you could help out here or there.

Rest assured though, I am working hard, and I hope you all enjoy reading the comic still. I wouldn’t be here without all of you, so thank you all for your time and lovely comments. Even you quiet ones are all appreciated, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Here’s to another good year, and another strong wish of love to all your lolis. Hopefully we have a better start next year on the Toasted Honey Nut anniversary.